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The Esquires, Patterson's Ranch House, February 1961.  Left to right: Garry Reid (lead guitar), Jim Atkin (bongos), Don Marshall (drums), Ken Johnson (vocals), Neil (rhythm guitar).  Although Ken Johnson and Don Marshall started the band, Neil was one of the founding members.


(Courtesy of Garry and Yvonne Reid.)




Don Marshall's Slingerland drum kit from the Esquires.


(Copyright 1961 Don Marshall)




The Esquires business card.


(Courtesy of Garry and Yvonne Reid)




Poster advertising the Esquires.


(Courtesy of Garry and Yvonne Reid)




The Gray Apartments, 250 Hugo Street, Fort Rouge neighbourhood in Winnipeg.  Rassy and Neil lived in Apartment 5.


Earl Grey Junior High School, Fort Rouge neighbourhood in Winnipeg, where Neil attended Grade 9 during the 1960-61 academic year.


(Copyright 2005 Stephen Cross)

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