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Brock Road School, a two-room schoolhouse built in 1868. Neil attended this school from September 1955 until its closing in November 1956.


(Courtesy of the Pickering Public Library.  This image is not included in the book.)



Another view of Brock Road School. 


(Courtesy of the Pickering Public Library)





Senior class, Neil in Grade 5 (1955-56)

Teacher: Miss Margaret Rowe

Front Row (left to right): Don Kimura, Darleen Suginomori, Chuck Rogers, Bob Reed, Neil Young, Marilyn LaBrie, Susan Wilson, Ivan Kring, Lynda White, Julie Kovalow, Margaret Kayes, Doug Suter, Reg Taylor, Robert Moore.

Back Row (left to right):  Glenn White, David Reed, Don Lindo, Bill Rogers, Ross James, Monika Knopf, Rosemary Knopf, Bob James, Bill Cargill, Joe Taylor, Ethel Taylor, Bob Hunter.


(Photo courtesy of Susan Wilson Hill, with assistance from Shirley Cargill Cloar)


Map of Brock Road (circa 1957).


(This image is not included in the book.)



Middleton's Store, Brock Road, near Brock Road School.  The store, which sold candy and other small items, was a popular destination for Neil and other Brock Road students.


(Courtesy of the Pickering Public Library.  Photo taken circa 1970.  This image is not included in the book.)



Brock Road Public School, where Neil attended grades 6 and 7.


(Photo taken by Joyce McMurtrie, 1975.  From the collection of Peter McMurtrie. This image does not appear in the book.)



Lincoln Avenue Public School, Pickering, 1956.  Neil attended this school briefly in 1957, but then returned to finish his year at Brock Road Public School.


(Courtesy of the Town of Ajax Archives.  This image does not appear in the book.)




49 Old Orchard Grove, North Toronto, where the Young family lived from June 1958 to August 1960.  Scott and Rassy Young separated in the fall of 1959, when Scott moved out. 




John Wanless Public School, where Neil attended the last few weeks of Grade 7 and all of Grade 8.




Grade 8 (1958-59)

Teacher: Miss Ethel MacKay

Standing (left to right):  Linda Baker, Rosemary Dawson, Mary Rose Coleman, Jane Voaden, Nancy Holbrook, Lois Richardson, Robin Valliant, Judy May, Goerge Muir, Brian Hutchings, George Harrison, Robert Haines, Miss MacKay, Norman Snider, George Roy, Ross Ferguson.

Row 1 (front to back, at right): Brian "Bunny" Stuart, Bill Moffat with Ronad French, Owen Charlesworth, Michael Foulds.

Row 2 (front to back):  Barbara Roe, Mary Elizabeth Beare with Melissa Varley, Peter Martin with Barry Wheeler, Sandy Thompson, Neil Young with Tom Hewitt.

Row 3 (front to back):  Marilyn Bunton, Gail Casson with Ruth Moore, Margi Arnup, Marilyn Mutch.

Absent: Carolyn Harris

(Photo courtesy of Michael Foulds)


Glendale Theatre, North Toronto. The song "Sad Movies" evokes some of Neil's fond memories of Saturday matiness at this theatre.


(City of Toronto Archives, Series 249, File 771, Item 1.)



Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute, Toronto, where Neil attended Grade 9 during 1959-69.





Grade 9 (1959-60)

Teacher: Miss Pat Smith

Back Row: Peter Martin, Chris Begg, Leonard Robertson, Jamie McIntosh, Gary Renzetti, Dave Snelgrove, Bill Fredericks, Neil Young, Bill Purkis.

Second Row: Charles Ward, John Mitchell, John Meanwell, Brigita Jeckalejs, Marion Ritchie, Janet Arnold, Peter Broderick, Fred Swaine, Bruce Bell, Miss Smith.

Front Row: Denise Pruner, Jane Cranfield, Anne Hamilton, Shiela Cooper, Gwen Cockram, Marilyn Collins, Cathy Kayler, Jennifer Cross.

Absent: Dianne Neice, Rick Mundell, Josephine Ousey, Norah Ferris.


(Courtesy of Keith C. Cowan)



Neil's friend Comrie Smith, circa 1962.  Neil refers to Comrie in the song "Don't Be Denied."  (Well pretty soon I met a friend / He played guitar / We used to sit on the steps at school / And dream of being stars.)


(Photograph copyright 1962 Rob McConnell.  This photo does not appear in the book.)




46 Golfdale Road, Toronto, the home of Comrie Smith.  Neil and Comrie recorded some songs on a reel-to-reel tape deck in the attic of this house during the fall of 1965.  Some of these songs were subsequently included in The Neil Young Archives (Volume 1).




Map of North Toronto (circa 1959-60).


(This image does not appear in the book.)



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