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Images from the life of Young Neil

Here are some photographs and images I came across during my research for the writing of Young Neil.  Some of these are included in the book; others didn't make the cut, but may be of interest to my readers and Neil fans generally.  More photos will be posted as time permits.  Enjoy!
"Indian Day," Camp Kandalore, 1952

"Indian Day," Camp Kandalore, 1952

This photo of 6-year-old Neil was taken during a "theme day" at Camp Kandalore, Halls Lake, near Minden, Ontario, August 1952. 


(Courtesy of Camp Kandalore Archives.)

33 King Street West, Omemee, Ontario, where the Young family lived during the early 1950s.

A vintage postcard image of Omemee Public School, where Neil attended grades 1 to 3.  The high school was housed on the second floor, while the elementary school occupied the main floor.


(Courtesy of Marlyne Fisher-Heasman. (This image does not appear in the book.)


Grade 1 (1951-52)

Teacher: Miss Jessie Lamb

Back Row (left to right): Carol Hart, Henry Mason, Neil Young, Mary James, Kenny Smith, Albert Ball, Donald Weir, David Finney, Kenny Crittenden, Jim Cavers, Sandra Morrison, Patsy Nelson, Douglas Smith.

Centre Row (left to right): Billy Goddard, Carl Lennox, Unknown, Sharon Arthurs, Morag Gray, Johnny Flanigan, Jimmy Eagleton, Joyce Hart, Brian Stacey, Bonnie Whetung, Wayne Swinson.

Front Row (left to right): Johnny Lang, Nancy Smith, Arthur Carruthers, Jack Bent, Betty Lou Fisher, Gordon Fisher, David Whitmore, Joan Mortson, Wilma Hill Brian English, Douglas Weir, Unknown, Johnny Parker.


(Photo courtesy of Don Weir, with assistance from Ellie Munnings Lavery.)

Faulkner Street Elementary School, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, where Neil attended the first grade from January to May, 1952.  The Young family decided to winter in Florida to aid Neil's recovery from polio.


(Photograph by John Findley, copyright 1985.  This image does not appear in the book.)



Grade 1 (1951-52)

Teacher: Miss Cathy Gatliff

Back Table (clockwise, starting at far left): Martha Cleland, Leighton Whitesides, Sandra Ezell, Unknown, Unknown, Tim Bloodworth (right side at end of table), Shalaine Crain, Lamar "Tootie" Vandergrifft, Dolores Day.

Front Table (clockwise, starting at far left): Unknown, Brenda Bradshaw, Shirley Spradley, Jimmy Gentry, Ricky Silvers, Owen Brantley, Neil Young (right side at end of table), Jeff Bear, Barbara Walters, Glynis Spradley, Danny Isaacs (?), Boby Greatrex, Linda Raulerson (at end of table on left side).

Absent: Linda Collier.


(Courtesy of Shalaine (Crain) Solomon, with assistance from Sandie (Ezell) Blackmer.)

Map of Omemee, Ontario (circa 1951).


(This image is not included in the book.)

The Young family lived in the lower duplex of 133 Rose Park Drive in Toronto during the 1954-55 academic year.


Neil attended Grade 4 at Whitney School in Toronto. 


(This image does not appear in the book.)


WHITNEY SCHOOL, Grade 4 (1954-55)

Teacher (standing at back): Miss Magaret Powell

Back Row (standing from left): Unknown, Toni Burton, Cathy Smith, Elspeth Tupker, Anne Legate, Cathy Broughton, John Williams, John Simmons, Bertram Hulbig, Barton Armstrong, John McBride, Clive Merritt, Eric Hennessey, Forbes Pritchard, Ricky Bartell, Peter Pringle, Lynne Curie, Anne Pepper, Florence Dorie.

First Row (at right, front to back): Nick Morden, Margaret McFeat, John Bigelow, Cheryl Noxon.

Second Row (from right, front to back): Peter Grant, Jill Mingay, April Steele, Kathy Sedgwick, Bain Myers, Suzy Capreol, Harry Brampton.

Third Row (from right, front to back): Neil Young, Dianne Wettlaufer, Eddie Wingay, Mary Ellen Blanch, Tony Brebner.

Fourth Row (from right, front to back): Peter Fyvie, Gail Eckman, Margaret Hopkins, Unknown, Bryn Anderson.

Absent: Kathy Rowlinson


(Photo courtesy of Bain Myers)

The Flood, by Scott Young.  Front cover illustration by Neil Hoogstraten, Neil's uncle.  Scott wrote this book during the time the family lived in Moore Park.  It was published in 1956.


(Courtesy of Mike Salisbury, Nessa Books.)



Neil attended the Mayfair at Rosedale Park in Toronto, May 1955. 


(Photo taken by Mary Ellen Blanch, copyright 1955.)



Map of Moore Park circa 1954-55.


(This image does not appear in the book.)



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